Welcome to Haumann.net

April 10, 2014

If you are a regular visitor to Haumann.net you will have noticed I have changed the site in a major way.

To be honest, I never really put new things here so I decided to speed things up by removing all the junk and putting only those things actually used.

I will add info when necessary to this page and the private pages for various family members will remain functional and working as normal.


  • Webmail Access
    Webmail Access

    This link is used to access your email from the numerous domains hosted via Haumann.net. Just use the above link to reach the portal then enter your email address and password to get your mail.
  • Teamviewer Download

    team viewer download

    When needing computer support, please download and run this program on your computer then have your computer ID number AND your password ready when you contact Todd for support. Thanks!